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What Do Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witnesses Do?

The worlds of law and medicine are both highly complicated, requiring educated and trained professionals to navigate. Legal teams may be more than qualified to handle the legal side of cases but can find themselves stumped by the medical aspects of medical-legal. Cases such as medical malpractice, especially medical malpractice, nursing malpractice, or injury caused by surgery. This is where a Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witness comes in to help bridge the gap between the medical aspects of the case and the legal side. 

What do Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witnesses do?

To understand what a Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witness does, you can break down the name. An expert witness is someone called to help a legal team by providing insight and professional knowledge about a specific subject they are an expert on. In the case of Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witnesses, the expert is a highly qualified, educated surgical nurse with lots of clinical and practical nursing experience. 

As for how the Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witness helps the legal team they work for, they provide a wide variety of roles for the legal team. Some of these services include reviewing all pertinent medical files and data, creating a medical timeline, providing expertise and insight into surgical nursing standards of care and practices, explaining surgical procedures in layman’s terms, and testifying at trial or deposition.

What kind of qualifications should a Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witness have?

The ideal Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witness has both nursing qualifications and clinical experience needed to provide insight into medical cases from a position of experience. In order to be a Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witness, you must at least be an RN or a Registered Nurse. An RN has completed either a bachelor’s degree or associate’s degree from an accredited university. An RN must have a license from the State Board of Nursing (BON) and must pass their state-required NCLEX examination. 

But that is just the minimum. Most Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witnesses are supposed to be speaking from a place of expertise and experience; therefore, the more education, the better. Often Medical Surgical Expert Witnesses have a Masters of Science in Nursing, qualifying them as APRNs or Advanced Practice Registered Nurses. These nurses are qualified to pursue careers as midwives, nurse anesthesiologists, or clinical nurse practitioners. 

In addition to education, the more experience a surgical nurse has, the more valuable they will be to the legal team they work with. Surgical nurses generally work with patients going into surgery, working alongside physicians in the preparation process, the surgical process, and the recovery process. Preferably a Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witness will have experience in clinical settings as well as nurse leadership experience and education.  

Are other nursing qualifications useful to Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witnesses?

To have the edge over the competition, many Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witnesses get additional training and certifications to improve their skills as expert witnesses. For example, they may have their Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification (RN-BC) or become a Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN). To prove their prowess in nursing management and Medical Surgical Nurse Procedure, an expert witness may also get Certified in Care and Coordination & Transition Management. (CCCTM). Many Nurse Expert Witnesses also receive a Certification in Forensic Nursing, which can help assist the legal team in determining medical history and the coroner in determining the cause of death. 

What kind of cases benefit from Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witnesses?

Any medical-legal case can benefit from a Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witness. They provide valuable feedback on complicated medical issues and can assist bogged-down legal teams in receiving, translating, and organizing the medical files in discovery. Because of the wide range of patients a Medical Surgical Nurse Expert treats, they are qualified to work on many different medical malpractice cases. They can be very useful in cases involving nursing procedures at hospitals and medical care centers. Any legal case involving complicated medical procedures can benefit from the input and testimony of a medical expert. 

Medical Surgical Nurse Expert Witnesses in Dallas TX

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