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What Is An Example of an Expert Testimony?

What is an example of an expert testimony? Expert testimony definition is evidence provided in the court by an expert, which includes facts and opinions to prove a case and help the jury make an informed decision. In today’s article, we will give you an example of expert testimony, so you understand the concept, grasp all the essential information, and get the most out of it.

What Is A Medical Expert Witness?

A medical expert witness is a person who determines and analyzes the material facts in a healthcare case. Research shows that a medical expert witness has education, knowledge, skills, and training in a specific medical field.

Witnesses are doctors, physicians, surgeons, and nurses with valid licenses and experience, qualifying them to present testimonies before the court. Courts often call upon medical expert witnesses in medical malpractice and personal injury cases.

These people provide pieces of evidence based on their professional experience to resolve issues. These issues are standards of care, causes of injuries, and effects of conditions caused by medical malpractice.

When it comes to expert testimony definition, medical expert witnesses help lawyers assess the case merits before filing a lawsuit. Bear in mind that specialist analysis and testimonies are vital to discover facts as the case progresses.

What Is An Example of an Expert Testimony?

Health professionals with appropriate knowledge and skills can serve as medical expert witnesses. A witness who has thorough knowledge, training, and experience in the medical field can present testimony before the court.

Expert medical witnesses have experience in a hospital, clinical practice, laboratory, or settings relevant to the case. The purpose is to analyze the standard of care and establish credible testimony, allowing the jury and judge to make an informed decision.

Sometimes, a medical malpractice case requires a witness with experience in a particular sector of the medical industry. For example, these include hospital administrators, department chiefs, physicians, nurses, medical school lecturers, or professors.

It is crucial to hire an expert who has experience relevant to your case. What is an example of an expert testimony? The following example will help you understand an expert testimony in a medical malpractice case.

Example of Expert Witness

The plaintiff, John Michaels, brought a healthcare negligence action against the hospital, alleging the organization and his doctor, Dr. Alan McGuire, who failed to diagnose prostate cancer promptly.

Mr. Michaels approached multiple expert witnesses to establish that the doctor and the hospital breached the standard of care. Medical expert witnesses Michael approached included pathologist, oncologist, and psychologist, and economist.  

These witnesses analyzed the case and collaborated to prepare an expert testimony. The testimony was presented before the court. As a result, the court held that Michael (plaintiff) had fulfilled the requirements and underwent pain and suffering.

The court also held that Dr. McGuire (defendant) breached the national standard of care owed to Mr. Michael in diagnosing prostate cancer. The court made a verdict and awarded Mr. Michael about $2.5 million in damages.

Why hire a medical expert witness?

What is a medical expert witness? A qualified and experienced medical expert’s primary function is to provide the court with an autonomous opinion in medical malpractices involved in a case. The purpose is to help the jury and judge understand the case easily.

The testimony provided before the jury and judge help the court make informed decisions on questions falling within the specific medical field. The expert’s role is to assemble facts, consider questions asked of them, and develop opinions on issues based on qualifications and experience.

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