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What Is A Med-Legal Evaluation?

Med-Legal Evaluation Expert Witness in Dallas Texas performs health assessments to comply with the legal obligations. People need medical evaluation for a wide range of reasons, including health insurance or taking on new employment.  

Likewise, med-legal evaluations are performed by professional and experienced medical expert witnesses to streamline the case for compensation. For instance, if you are a worker in a company and want to claim against your employer, you must have a med-legal evaluation.

The purpose is to provide evidence that your employer is responsible for your deteriorating health condition. The evaluation performed by a qualified physician or doctor gives details of the problem and determines whether the condition affects you. That’s why it is crucial to hire a professional med-legal evaluation expert witness in Dallas Texas. Read on!

What Does Med-Legal Mean?

Med-legal refers to medical-legal evaluation, an assessment performed by medical expert witnesses to determine whether your employer is responsible for the pain and injuries you have sustained. It involves filling out questionnaires, allowing the medical expert witness to understand the background of your case.

The evaluation process varies from case to case because each person has their own individual circumstances. So, the med-legal evaluation expert witness in Dallas Texas will review your medical history and perform a physical examination. A professional medical expert witness at Legal Medical Consulting, Dallas, TX, will check your vital signs.

These include your heart rate, breathing rate, blood pressure, temperature, physical reflexes, range of motion, balance, reaction times, and cognitive function. Our professional med-legal evaluation expert will review your symptoms.

For example, suppose you experience chronic spinal pain due to a severe back injury. In that case, our med-legal expert witnesses will perform a thorough examination of your spine to determine the problem.

You may undergo several diagnostic tests, including X-rays, CT scans, MRI scans, and blood tests. Our expert witnesses will then prepare an evaluation report based on the results of the diagnostic tests.

The Importance of Med-Legal Evaluations  

The primary purpose of med-legal evaluations is to determine an employee’s medical condition. The results obtained are presented before the court, allowing the judge or jury to decide the amount of workers’ compensation for the employee.

Med-Legal Evaluation Expert Witness in Dallas Texas plays a crucial role in streamlining your case for compensation. Our expert witnesses have many years of experience in med-legal evaluation and can help determine the type of treatment you need.

Likewise, our medical expert witnesses can identify if you have an injury and the parts of your body with severe complications. The evaluation is crucial because it helps determine whether the injured worker has a temporary or permanent disability.

In addition, the evaluation report provides evidence that the worker needs compensation for the pain and suffering caused by poor working conditions. So, this means the court will hold the employer responsible and reward the injured worker for the damages.

Moreover, a med-legal evaluation report is in plain English, enabling the judge or jury to make an informed verdict. Therefore, a better-written report by a medical expert witness is necessary if you want to get compensation for your pain and suffering.

Legal Medical Consulting is a reputable organization in Dallas, TX, with experienced and independent medical expert witnesses who can evaluate injured workers to resolve the dispute. We have expert “agreed medical evaluators” and “qualified medical evaluators.

Our qualified evaluators will perform and complete the evaluation process by collecting the medical evidence. Then, we will write comprehensive reports and ensure it is unbiased and evidence-based. The report is then submitted at trial. Bear in mind that the insurance company pays for the med-legal report.

Med-Legal Evaluation Expert Witness in Dallas Texas

Not all doctors can act as expert witnesses and med-legal evaluators. Doctors need approval from the board and relevant governing bodies before they can practice the med-legal evaluations.

Legal Medical Consulting has approved and qualified medical expert witnesses with many years of experience in evaluations for med-legal purposes. Our organization offers comprehensive consultations by our board-certified medical evaluators.

We have cutting-edge tools and equipment, allowing us to perform a proper diagnosis. That way, we prepare evidence-based and impartial med-legal reports. If you need to file a worker compensation claim in Dallas, TX, you can contact Legal Medical Consulting for quality, reliable, and affordable med-legal evaluations.

Our organization helps workers from different sectors and industries to get compensation for their injuries in Dallas, TX. Call us today for a med-legal evaluation expert witness in Dallas Texas.

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