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What Do Nursing Expert Witnesses Do?

A nursing expert witness is not unlike any other specialized expert witness–they provide legal testimony about an area of expertise– in this case, medical nursing care. There are almost 3 million nurses in the United States alone. In medical settings, nurses outnumber doctors and provide the majority of one on one patient care. Due to their obvious importance in medical settings, nurses have often been called as expert witnesses to assist legal teams. 

Nursing expert witnesses are utilized in medical malpractice cases, medical negligence cases, workers comp cases, cases involving nursing standards of care, and many others. 

Why Would A Legal Team Hire A Dallas Nursing Expert Witness?

There are many reasons a Texas legal team would want to engage a nursing expert witness. A nursing expert witness can offer both their expertise, as well as their support throughout the litigation process

Read on to learn more about how a Nursing Expert Witness in Dallas can help you win your case.

Medical Damages and Cost Evaluations

It can be very difficult for legal teams with no medical training to assess if a case meets the requirements to qualify for damages. This is where a nursing expert witness can help: using their medical background and expertise to assess damages. 

In addition to knowing whether or not a case meets the requirement for damages, a nursing expert witness can help a legal team accurately estimate the cost of care for your client, as well as potential costs for future care if needed. 

Legal Case Assessments 

As always, a legal team must first ask themselves if this is a case worth taking. A Nursing expert witness can help clarify medical jargon, review potential cases and conduct medical research. 

They can also review complicated medical reports, such as injury reports, and give their informed opinion on potential legal arguments from a medical perspective. This two-pronged approach can help legal teams make the best decisions on what cases to take, as well as shape the strategy of litigation. 

Review and Summarize Medical Records 

Deciphering medical documents is nearly impossible for someone not trained to do so. When a legal team receives a pile of medical records as discovery, they need to know how to best utilize them towards their case. 

A nursing expert witness can help a legal team wade through the medical documents, finding and assessing the ones most relevant to the case. They can explain these findings to the legal team to help create an understandable, cohesive medical history for the court. 

Provide Expert Insight Into Nursing Care And Standards 

Many medical malpractice cases involve an accusation of deviation from standards of nursing care. But to accurately explain that to a court, you need to both explain what standards of nursing care are, and how they were allegedly mishandled in the case. 

A nursing expert witness can help explain standards of nursing care from a place of expertise. From there, a nursing expert witness can review your case and help your legal team assess if the standard of care was upheld.

Assist In Upcoming Trials And Depositions

As the name suggests, a nursing expert witness can be called to testify during trial and/or deposition, but that is far from all they do. 

Nursing expert witnesses assist legal teams throughout the preparation of the case, developing strategies, providing illumination on documents and preparing legal teams for cross-examination. 

What Kind Of Nurses Are Sought For As Expert Witnesses?

In order to be considered as a nursing expert witness, the individual in question must be a Registered Nurse. This required them to have either a bachelor of science in nursing or an associate degree in nursing. They must also pass the NCLEX exam and have an up-to-date, unencumbered nursing license. This allows them to monitor patients, run diagnostic tests, prescribe medication and create treatment plans. 

However, the more experience and education a nurse has, the more valuable they are as nursing expert witnesses. Many nursing expert witnesses have many years of experience both in clinical settings and on the administrative side.

Legal Medical Consulting

If you are looking for a Nursing Expert Witness in Dallas TX, consider Legal Medical Consulting. Dr. McNew, DNP, is a Certified Executive Nursing Practitioner (CENP). Dr. McNew worked as a nursing executive for decades before becoming an expert witness. Since then, Dr. McNew and his team have worked with countless legal teams and insurance companies over the years. If you need a nursing expert witness, Legal Medical Consulting has the medical experience and legal background to help you win your case. 

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