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Roles and Responsibilities of Medical Expert Witnesses

A Medical expert witness in Dallas TX is required to testify for both the prosecution and the defense in lawsuits that involve medical malpractices.

Also, a medical expert may be called upon to testify in cases involving trauma-causing events such as car accidents, occupational injuries, and work-related illnesses. Medical experts may also be needed in cases involving product liability, birth injuries, and other issues involving medical injuries.

The Roles and Responsibilities of a Medical Expert Witness

A medical expert witness is called to give an opinion about the medical aspects of a case.

The following are the roles and responsibilities of medical expert witnesses:

1. Give expert opinions on medical cases

The expert witness is called to testify in court hearings as an independent professional with expertise in a specific area of medicine related to the case at hand.

2. Cooperate with other experts involved in the case

To ensure the smooth running of the court case, the expert witness must be willing to collaborate with other experts from other parties. He should be available whenever needed.

3.   Willingness to change his opinion in case he receives additional information about the case

The expert witness should be flexible in offering his opinion. If he receives additional and helpful information about the case, he should reconsider his opinion. 

4. Responsibility to present independent evidence in court

The information expert witnesses provide in court should not be influenced by any parties involved in a lawsuit.

5. Provide opinion within his specialty.

The expert witness should provide an opinion within his area of expertise. He should not give an opinion about any question outside his area of expertise.

6. Clarify when an opinion is not based on sufficient data

During his investigation, if the expert witness finds data available for use is insufficient, he should mention that the statement is not conclusive.

7.   Readiness to state what information is lacking from his report

Apart from providing indisputable reports, the expert witness must reveal to the court which specific data is lacking from his account. Also, he should clarify that the message presented is accurate even without particular points.

8.   Ability to communicate any changes in his opinion through proper channels

In the case after his report, an expert witness changes his opinion about the issue for whatever reason; he should present his new viewpoint without delay. He should use proper channels to ensure each party gets the latest information without delay.

9.   Provide the facts and assumptions he used to make his opinion

 An expert witness can consider relevant facts and assumptions when making his opinion. Notably,  he should be willing to unveil those facts before the judges.

10. Provide all relevant reference materials he used in preparing his report

The expert witness can use valuable materials in analyzing data and making his report. Notably, he should be willing to state the materials he used. The materials can include measurements, photographs, calculations, or any other relevant items.

The Process of Becoming a Medical Expert Witness

What qualifies someone as an expert witness? The requirements and the process of being a medical expert witness can be long and complicated but rewarding.

Mainly, medical expert witnesses are professionals qualified to provide testimony in court about the facts in medical cases. They are qualified by their education, training, and experience.

Membership. To become a medical expert, you have to be a member of organizations that certifies your expertise in an area of medicine related to civil litigation.

Certification. One must be certified by relevant certification organizations.

Pass exams relevant to medical expert witness specialty. You must pass multiple examinations testing your knowledge on ethics standards for testifying and scientific research surrounding the case at hand.

Complete additional training. You need to complete additional training before being admitted into court so that you can testify appropriately based on local laws, rules, and regulations.

The entire process could take years, depending on what type of courses or training you need to take.

After completing all the training and obtaining the relevant certifications, the medical expert witness will usually be called to testify in medical malpractice cases. Also, one may be hired for other types of cases involving injuries or disabilities.

How to Find a Medical Expert Witness

Medical experts’ witnesses play an essential part in helping to establish and convince the court of the facts surrounding a medical malpractice lawsuit.

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