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Expert Witness Nurses in Dallas, TX

The world of healthcare is constantly changing, requiring the law to keep up. This is where the need for Expert Witness Nurses in Dallas TX come from – they act as a representative of the nursing community, bridging the gap between medical knowledge, nursing procedure and the law for the judge and jury. The knowledge expert witness nurses impart is used to make legal decisions and form healthcare laws. It also highlights the growing role of nurses on the forefront of the medical community.

What Is An Expert Witness?

In short, an expert witness is a witness who is called for a trial because they are an expert in the field in question. For nurses, this would mean they would act as a liaison between nursing and the legal world for the court, their expertise allowing them to explain nursing situations and terminology for the judge and jury. Nursing expert witnesses are relatively new in the history of the law. Nurses have always been integral to the healthcare system, but have only recently received more recognition from the legal community. These days nurses are often used as expert witnesses due to their intimate knowledge of healthcare and proximity to patients.

What Does A Nurse Expert Witness Do?

Expert testimony is critical for lawmakers, because it gives perspective to the case at hand. A Nurse expert witness takes the stand during the trial to give a nurse’s expert opinion on the situation, and explain certain legal and medical terms for the jury. They act as an unbiased third party who is only interested in explaining the medical facts of the case, as well as standard nursing procedures, in a way that a layman can understand. Nurse expert witnesses are hired by lawyers, as well as hospitals, ambulatory surgical care centers, medical malpractice insurers, care homes and hospice care centers.

Why Legal Nurse Consultants Are Important To Healthcare

Nurses are at the forefront of medical care. They are often the ones doing triage at hospitals, or dealing directly with patients. As a general rule, nurses spend more time with patients than doctors do, especially during routine care. That’s why their opinions and recommendations are so important in cases related to healthcare– they can accurately solve clinical issues in Hospitals, as well as provide malpractice training and medical error prevention.

What Does Medical Legal Consulting Do?

The world of law is very complicated, and when discussing specialized areas, like healthcare, it often helps to have an expert on your side– someone who understands the ins and outs of medical procedure, law and malpractice. That is where Legal Medical Consulting comes in, by providing your litigation team with a nursing professional capable of explaining healthcare law, medicine, nursing and healthcare operations, as well as bolstering your case with a professional opinion. Read on to learn more about what a Medical Legal Consult can do for your case:

Review Your Case For Merit

The process begins with Dr. McNew and his team assessing the case for merit. With decades of experience in executive nursing and medical error prevention, as well as several nursing degrees, you can trust that if there is a case to be found, Legal Medical Consulting can find it.

Create A Proprietary Strategy For Court Proceedings

Using his experience and expertise, Dr. McNew will be able to identify critical variables in your case such as hospital leadership, nursing care, processes and medical malpractice. These things could easily be missed by lawyers unfamiliar with medicine. If Legal Medical Consulting feels you have a case, they will create a proprietary strategy for your case, using clinical and healthcare variables that are backed by expertise and interpreted into layman’s terms for the court.

Provide Indexing And Organizing For Medical Records

Medical records can be difficult and overwhelming for a legal office, especially one not accustomed to medical cases. Legal Medical Consulting will take care of the organization and interpretation of medical documents for your case.

Legal Medical Consulting also provides Medical Error Prevention assessments for Hospitals and Medical Facilities, as well as Medical Error Prevention and Malpractice training for Hospital Governing Boards and Senior Leadership.


Legal Medical Consulting can help connect the worlds of healthcare, nursing, medicine and law, making a better case in the litigation process. Dr McNew has decades of nursing management and teaching expertise, and can put that experience to work reviewing your case and helping communicate the medical records and healthcare information relevant to your case. Check out our website to see what Legal Medical Consulting can do for you.

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