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Finding The Right Medical Legal Experts for Your Case

Finding an impartial and qualified Medical Legal Expert can present a challenge for any legal team. The right Medical Legal Expert can make or break a malpractice case. But Medical Legal Experts are not one size fits all, and it is important to find the right medical or legal expert for your specific case. An office that is organized and has the experience needed to provide accurate medicolegal practice.

Those looking for a Nurse Practitioner Expert Witness for Medical Litigation in Dallas TX should consider Legal Medical Consulting. Dr. McNew and his team have over 34 years of experience working with over a hundred hospitals. Whatever your legal case may be, Legal Medical Consulting has what it takes to help your team get the best outcome possible.

What is a Medical Legal Expert?

In short, a Medical Legal Expert is a person with enough medical experience to be considered an expert who voices their opinion and offers guidance on a legal case that involves their area of expertise. A Medical Legal Expert may testify their professional opinion at trial or deposition, but the role is often much more involved than just that. 

Medical Legal Experts work alongside legal teams from the beginning to the end. They offer counsel on what cases have merit and which ones do not. Medical legal experts help organize and review complicated medical files with a trained eye. They can build medical timelines for the case, proving useful at trial. A Medical Legal expert can also help evaluate the cost of any long-term care or treatment the client may need. 

What Kind of Qualifications Should a Medical Legal Expert Have?

When looking for a Medical Legal Expert, it’s important to match the logistics of your case. If the case involves malpractice with a nurse, it would be best to find a highly qualified and experienced Registered Nurse Legal Expert, such as Dr. McNew at Legal Medical Counseling. Mcnew has a Doctorate of Nursing and has worked with 133 hospitals and 265 Ambulatory Surgery Centers in his decades-long practice. 

When looking for a Medical Legal Expert, be sure to find one with experience in your particular field. Impartiality, independence, and experience are the tentpoles of a good Medical Legal Expert. 

Why Is Getting an Experienced Medical Legal Expert Important?

A Medical Legal Expert is only as useful as their experience. If you are not careful, you can end up with a Medical Legal Expert that does more damage than good. A Medical Legal Expert must be prepared for the rigor of legal court– they need to be able to form a professional opinion supported by the expertise and modern medical literature. This opinion needs to be able to stand even when challenged by the opposing legal party and criticized. 

Suppose your Medical Legal expert is not experienced and qualified. In that case, you risk them backing down from their professional opinion. This opens the Medical Legal Expert up to criticism and makes the court question their credibility as an expert. The Medical Legal Expert may even be subject to legal proceedings if the legal team they worked for felt they had misled them. 

What to Look Out for When Choosing a Medical Legal Expert 

It pays to be discerning when looking for a Medical Legal Expert to work with. A Medical Legal Expert must have both clinical experiences as well as administrative experience that aligns with the needs of your case. They need to be able to accept and understand the instructions provided by your law firm. 

As previously stated, an inexperienced or unqualified Medical Legal Expert can be incredibly damaging to your case. All potential Medical Legal Experts should be thoroughly screened, and their education and qualifications must be verified. They should be able to provide an in-depth and structured report of their professional opinion and be able to back it up on trial. If you feel that a Medical Legal Expert cannot do this, it is best to not hire them. Remember that a good Medical Legal expert will not take cases they feel they cannot be useful for– so be wary of any over-eager and under-qualified candidates. 

Finally, be on the lookout for Medical Legal Experts who appear more interested in a payout than anything else. They may prolong the litigation intentionally, bleeding unnecessary funds. This behavior can expose your legal team to potential criticism and poor reputation. Give us a call, or check out our website today! 

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