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Expert Witnesses – What Are They?

What are expert witnesses? You have heard about expert witnesses before, or it’s the first time to hear about them. Expert witnesses refer to people with the know-how to provide professional details to the judges and help them conclude complex court cases. The expert witness testimony is crucial and influences the conclusion of cases.

Before we go further, it’s crucial to give you a straightforward expert witness definition. An expert witness can be defined by defining each of the two terms separately. An expert is a trained professional in a specific field of study, while a witness is a person who provides sworn evidence in a court of law.

There are different expert witnesses based on a specific field of study. An expert witness in the medical field cannot give input in a case outside that specialty.

The evidence of an expert witness is independent. The expert uses the factual evidence provided to give an independent input. The expert witness can participate in influencing the final ruling in tribunals, arbitrations cases, or litigation.

How to Become an Expert Witness

Anyone who has knowledge or experience that could contribute to the outcome of a trial can be considered as an expert witness. You may have been working in the relevant field for many years.

Alternatively, you may have some specialist knowledge on a particular subject but not yet enough experience to call yourself ‘an expert in that specific area.

Notably, you cannot be an expert witness without taking part in a lawsuit. If there’s been a dispute between two parties, and one party comes to you for some advice, you are an expert adviser.

To get certification and become an expert witness, one should meet all the requirements stipulated in the Federal Rule of Evidence (FRE)702.

Expert witnesses must have experience and knowledge in a specific field and be willing to provide honest and indisputable facts in court. They should typically be attorneys, practice regularly, and have at least ten years of experience in their particular field.

However, there is no firm rule on this. Each state has its own set of laws concerning expert witnesses. However, every expert witness must have the skills and knowledge in their field.

Also, they need to be willing to testify in court when necessary on topics relating to their field of expertise.

Therefore, for a person to become an expert witness, one must fulfill the following:

  • Be certified or licensed in their respective field of study
  • Have extensive knowledge about their specialty and be able to communicate that information effectively
  • Be able to analyze cases while avoiding conflicts of interest

What do Expert Witnesses do?

Since courts have provisions for expert witnesses to submit evidence, please continue reading to learn what they mainly do. 

Usually, expert witnesses provide their evidence and are questioned by one or more lawyers representing each side in the legal case. They answer a series of questions, and their answers will be recorded in court documents.

They Provide Professional Viewpoint

Expert witnesses play an essential role in the courtroom by providing their professional opinion to a judge or jury during a trial. They provide independent views based on their expertise in a given field of study. The specialty can be related to patient care, crime scene investigations, and more.

An expert witness may be called to testify at trial, resolve insurance disputes, and give medical testimony. Notably, expert witnesses cannot provide evidence on random topics outside of their particular area of expertise. They are prohibited from giving opinions if they do not have the necessary knowledge.

Impartial Third Party

An expert witness serves as an impartial third party who utilizes their expertise to assess legal situations and give their opinion.

They must know the subject well enough to answer questions posed by attorneys or witnesses with confidence and authority. What’s more, are they required to tender their testimony honestly?

Help in Resolving Court Cases

Expert witnesses provide information that helps in resolving court cases. They use their specialist skills, knowledge, or experience. 

 An expert witness is asked to give their opinion on a particular case. For example, whether a company or person should have done something differently. What were the possible outcomes of their different actions?

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