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What Is An Example of an Expert Witness?

What is an example of an expert witness? An expert person is a person who testifies during a trial based on his experience, knowledge, and skill in a field relevant to the case. For instance, an expert witness with forensic medicine expertise can testify before the court and present evidence on the time and cause of death.

What Is An Example Of An Expert Witness?

Many types of expert witnesses can be called upon in court by the judge or jury. The five major categories of expert witnesses are forensic, financial, vocational, medical, and mental health witnesses.

Forensic Expert Witness

Forensic expert witnesses play a crucial role in criminal investigations. Examples of forensic experts include psychologists, blood spatter experts, and criminal behavior specialists. These experts are often called upon as witnesses by the court for prosecution. However, the defense lawyer may also call upon forensic experts to deal with the prosecution’s case.

Financial Expert Witness

Financial experts have knowledge and skills in finance-related crime cases, such as tax evasion or fraud. These experts play a significant role in helping the court make an informed decision in a white-collar crime case.

Vocational Expert Witness

Vocational expert witnesses are often called upon to the courtroom in cases that involve social security disability benefits. Some cases, such as workers’ compensation trials, may also require vocational expert witnesses. The Social Security Administration typically calls upon vocational experts to determine whether the person is applicable to the benefits.

Medical Expert Witness

What is a medical expert witness? What is an example of an expert witness in the medical field? Medical experts testify in a wide range of cases, such as car accidents, falls, medical negligence, and even violent crime.

Medical experts are physicians, doctors, surgeons, forensic medicine experts, radiologists, and medical examiners. For instance, the court calls upon medical examiners to testify about facts or factors, which had contributed to a person’s death.

Likewise, mental health expert witnesses are similar to medical experts. The primary difference is that these experts present their opinion before the court as to whether the victim or defendant is mentally sound.

In simple words, the evidence provided by a mental health expert shows whether the person is clinically sane or insane, helping the court to stop or continue the legal proceeding.

Medical expert witnesses are of great importance in legal proceedings because they provide testimonies to the judge and jury and help them make a verdict. It is crucial to find a medical legal expert who has sufficient experience and knowledge in a particular discipline relevant to your case.

What is an example of an expert witness in the medical field?

There are many examples of expert witnesses in the medical field. For example, these include medical malpractice, personal injury, toxic tort, workers’ compensation, domestic abuse, sexual assault, prisoner abuse, addiction evaluation, and elder abuse claims.

For instance, an elderly patient who has dementia has a history of falls while living in an assisted facility. The patient “John McQueen” required rout-the-clock supervision and care, the nurse left John alone for several hours after serving him dinner. Mr. McQueen wanted to go down the stairs but fell and got severe injuries.

An expert geriatric doctor was called upon by the court to discuss the preventative measure that the nurse could have taken to avoid the fall. The expert witness analyzed the case, examine the injuries, and prepared the evidence.

The witness presented the evidence before the court to help them understand the malpractice committed by the nurse. The judge and jury examined the testimony and made an informed decision by compensating the victim and penalizing the assisted living facility.

Bear in mind that this is an example of an elder abuse case. An elder abuse case usually involves physical, psychological, sexual abuse, or negligence committed by a nursing home facility. The court of law will consider different factors when pursuing the abuse lawsuit.

For instance, the court will consider the duty of care and seek help from an expert witness to establish the facts about the standard of care, breach of duty, and suffered harm. The court will make an informed verdict based on the expert’s testimony.

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What Is The Legal Definition of An Expert Witness?

What is the legal definition of an expert witness? An expert witness is a person who has all the qualifications and experience to present testimonies before the judge and jury in the court.

According to the US Federal Law, an expert witness must have experience, knowledge, skill, education, and training to make the judge and jury understand the evidence without using medical jargon.

An expert witness has special knowledge, expertise, and proficiency in a specific field, such as healthcare, to testify in the court and present information relevant to the case. In today’s article, we will answer the question: what is the legal definition of an expert witness? Bear in mind that we will focus on a medical expert witness. Read on!

What is the legal definition of an expert witness?

An expert witness is a person with thorough knowledge, specialized skills, and many years of experience. The witness is permitted by the law to testify in court about the happenings of a particular case. The testimony is based on the witness’s knowledge, experience, and skills relevant to the medical field.

Unlike other witnesses who testify in the court on what they have heard, seen, smelled, felt, and touched, a medical expert witness draws conclusions and presents his opinion on medical negligence as part of the testimony.

Who can be an expert witness?

An expert witness is a person who provides an independent opinion in a medical negligence case in accordance with the guidelines and instructions of the court. These instructions are present in the witness’s report. The judge and jury review the report to give a verdict.

A medical expert witness provides his or her opinion in the court in the form of evidence or report. In some medical cases, it is crucial to provide a written statement to the court. Otherwise, the court won’t consider the witness’s opinion.

Moreover, a person who can provide information based on the court rules, comply with specific procedures, provides truthful, independent opinions can be an expert witness. Bear in mind that the expert has an overriding duty to law court or tribunal.

The law requires that an expert witness must have a commitment to excellence, have a flexible schedule to appear in the court, enough free time to analyze the case, and meet the deadlines. An expert witness requires a proper license from relevant authorities and have excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Moreover, an expert witness must have the following skills:

  • Confidence
  • Experience
  • Consistency
  • Trustworthiness
  • Attention to Detail
  • Dedication
  • Improvisation

Moreover, a medical expert witness must breakdown the technical and scientific language into easy terminologies, helping the court to understand the happenings of the case. Likewise, a medical expert witness states opinions with reasonable healthcare certainty to adequate the “expert status.” A witness is a person who helps the judge and jury in reaching a valid conclusion about the case.

What is an example of an expert witness?

There are many examples of expert witnesses. These include witnesses for medical malpractice, negligence, personal injury claims, worker compensation, domestic abuse, sexual assault, criminal and insanity defense, addiction evaluation, prisoner abuse, elder abuse, and determining the cause of death in a medical malpractice case. In this section, we will give you an example of an expert witness to help you understand the concept.

For example, Stephanie John had a surgical procedure that required the surgeon to insert an intrauterine pressure catheter (IUPC) in her pelvic region. However, she experienced a stabbing pain in her pelvic region after a few days.

She underwent an X-ray and ultrasound procedure, which revealed that the surgeon had failed to remove a 10.3 cm portion of the IUPC. The case required a legal surgeon consultant to analyze the happenings and present an opinion on the standard of care for surgeons.  

The witness was an expert in the surgical domain who analyzed the entire case and presented testimony before the court based on his scientific and clinical knowledge. The witness interviewed Stephanie John, reviewed her medical records, and assessed the case’s strengths and weaknesses.  

Similarly, the expert projected the future health needs and associated costs. The witness also attended independent medical examination to build an impartial and robust testimony that could help the court make the correct verdict.

In Stephanie’s case, the legal surgeon consultant or expert witness provided testimony to the court, proving that the traumatic injury to the patient was caused by the surgeon’s negligent practice during the surgery.

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What is the legal definition of an expert witness – although we have already answered this question, if you need more information or want to hire a medical expert witness, contact Legal Medical Consulting today.

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What Is An Example of an Expert Testimony?

What is an example of an expert testimony? Expert testimony definition is evidence provided in the court by an expert, which includes facts and opinions to prove a case and help the jury make an informed decision. In today’s article, we will give you an example of expert testimony, so you understand the concept, grasp all the essential information, and get the most out of it.

What Is A Medical Expert Witness?

A medical expert witness is a person who determines and analyzes the material facts in a healthcare case. Research shows that a medical expert witness has education, knowledge, skills, and training in a specific medical field.

Witnesses are doctors, physicians, surgeons, and nurses with valid licenses and experience, qualifying them to present testimonies before the court. Courts often call upon medical expert witnesses in medical malpractice and personal injury cases.

These people provide pieces of evidence based on their professional experience to resolve issues. These issues are standards of care, causes of injuries, and effects of conditions caused by medical malpractice.

When it comes to expert testimony definition, medical expert witnesses help lawyers assess the case merits before filing a lawsuit. Bear in mind that specialist analysis and testimonies are vital to discover facts as the case progresses.

What Is An Example of an Expert Testimony?

Health professionals with appropriate knowledge and skills can serve as medical expert witnesses. A witness who has thorough knowledge, training, and experience in the medical field can present testimony before the court.

Expert medical witnesses have experience in a hospital, clinical practice, laboratory, or settings relevant to the case. The purpose is to analyze the standard of care and establish credible testimony, allowing the jury and judge to make an informed decision.

Sometimes, a medical malpractice case requires a witness with experience in a particular sector of the medical industry. For example, these include hospital administrators, department chiefs, physicians, nurses, medical school lecturers, or professors.

It is crucial to hire an expert who has experience relevant to your case. What is an example of an expert testimony? The following example will help you understand an expert testimony in a medical malpractice case.

Example of Expert Witness

The plaintiff, John Michaels, brought a healthcare negligence action against the hospital, alleging the organization and his doctor, Dr. Alan McGuire, who failed to diagnose prostate cancer promptly.

Mr. Michaels approached multiple expert witnesses to establish that the doctor and the hospital breached the standard of care. Medical expert witnesses Michael approached included pathologist, oncologist, and psychologist, and economist.  

These witnesses analyzed the case and collaborated to prepare an expert testimony. The testimony was presented before the court. As a result, the court held that Michael (plaintiff) had fulfilled the requirements and underwent pain and suffering.

The court also held that Dr. McGuire (defendant) breached the national standard of care owed to Mr. Michael in diagnosing prostate cancer. The court made a verdict and awarded Mr. Michael about $2.5 million in damages.

Why hire a medical expert witness?

What is a medical expert witness? A qualified and experienced medical expert’s primary function is to provide the court with an autonomous opinion in medical malpractices involved in a case. The purpose is to help the jury and judge understand the case easily.

The testimony provided before the jury and judge help the court make informed decisions on questions falling within the specific medical field. The expert’s role is to assemble facts, consider questions asked of them, and develop opinions on issues based on qualifications and experience.

Legal Medical Consulting, Dallas, TX, is a company that offers professional expert witnesses. We have experts with a minimum of 10 years of experience and a maximum of 25 years of experience in the medical field. Our medical expert witnesses have retained an excellent reputation, knowledge, skills, and up-to-date guidance and protocols.

We can prepare reports based on your case. For example, in a personal injury claim, our experts provide a report on injury extent and the patient’s prognosis. Likewise, in medical malpractice cases, our experts advise whether a physician’s actions were according to the standard of care or a breach of duty.

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Legal Medical Consulting, Dallas, TX, has expert witnesses that provide medical testimonies to the insurance and legal communities. Our company’s mission is to provide accurate and fair opinions regarding misdiagnosis, causation of illnesses or injuries.

Our experts build relationships with victims based on trust and integrity. All our findings are based on objective, evidence-based, and in-depth information. What is an example of expert testimony – and if you need more information or require help in a medical malpractice case, contact us today!

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What Is A Medical Expert Witness?

What is a medical expert witness? Most US states require a medical expert witness to present testimony in the court to prove medical negligence or malpractice. If you want to win a lawsuit, you must prove three things.

These are a doctor-patient relationship, a health provider’s negligence in medical practice, and your pain and suffering that resulted from your doctor’s negligence. The foundation of almost all medical malpractice cases is the doctor’s negligence.

A medical expert witness proves how the physician’s conduct led to the level of negligence. A medical legal expert must have the same experience with the health condition or kind of procedure in question.

The expert must have a thorough knowledge of the case and interaction with the local medical community. In this post, we will talk about: what is a medical expert witness? How a medical legal expert can prove the doctor’s negligence in court? We will also discuss other types of expert witnesses. Read on!

What is a Medical Expert Witness?

The support of a licensed, qualified, and experienced medical legal expert is necessary for a plaintiff injured due to medical malpractice or a health provider as a defendant in the case. A medical legal expert examines the case’s material fact, such as health records, and present his or her testimony before the judge and jury.

An experienced medical expert witness prepares written statements, written reports, creates models, and develops visual aids to explain theories and provide testimony before the court. A medical legal expert plays a crucial role in the court to prove malpractice.

Medical experts’ opinions are usually based on their personal experience working in the health sector. However, sometimes, the expert presents facts based on peer-reviewed scientific evidence, academic research papers, and medical publications. All this depends on the jurisdiction.

The role of a Medical Legal Expert in Court

A medical legal expert’s role in the court is to present a testimony based on facts and evidence. When you hire an expert, make sure he or she is able to break down the technical and scientific terminology to easy-to-understand facts. That way, you and other people in the court that don’t know the medical language can understand your case issues. 

The expert states opinions with reliable medical certainty and helps the judge and jury make a valid conclusion about the case’s facts. A medical expert’s testimony is useful in a wide range of negligence or malpractice cases. Misdiagnosis, failure to diagnose, or delayed diagnosis are the most prevalent medical malpractice complaints.

Research studies show that doctors misdiagnose over 20% of patients with complex health conditions, such as stroke, heart attack, thyroid conditions, fibromyalgia, celiac disease, and cancer. When a doctor fails to diagnose the condition, the patient is at higher risk of not receiving appropriate treatment, leading to severe complications, harm, and even death.

For instance, if a patient with lung cancer had been misdiagnosed, the expert will gather facts on the condition while focusing on the pathology, oncology, and psychology of grief, and economic factors.  

Types of Expert Witness

We have already answered: what is a medical expert witness. Let us now talk about different types of expert witnesses. These include forensic medicine expert witness, accounting expert witness, and vocational expert witness. Continue reading!

Forensic medicine expert witness

A forensic medicine expert witness is usually a biologist, chemist, psychologist, pharmacologist, or blood spatter analyst. The forensic expert also has thorough knowledge and experience of criminal cases. Legal Medical Consulting Dallas, TX, has experienced and dedicated forensic medicine experts who can accurately analyze evidence and present their testimonies before the judge.

Accounting Expert Witness

Unlike a medical legal expert, an accounting witness testifies in court in fraud and white-collar criminal cases. These experts also provide testimony in non-criminal cases, such as banking, insurance, security industries.

Vocational Expert Witness

The social security administration usually calls a vocational expert witness when a person appeals in court for denial of social security benefits. Most often, the social security administration refuses to provide benefits to a person with a disability.

The most common reason behind the denial is that the administration believes the person can work despite his condition. A vocation expert witness analyzes the case and makes an expert opinion in the court to prove whether the complainant can work.

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Our legal medical experts’ testimonies make a huge difference in strengthening the grounds of your claims in the court. If you need further information or want to get details on what is a medical expert witness at Legal Medical Consulting, Dallas, TX, contact us today!

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Who Can Be An Expert Witness?

Who can be an expert witness? What is an expert witness legal definition? What is an example of an expert witness? These are the most common questions asked by attorneys, lawyers, victims, and defendants involved in a medical malpractice case. In today’s article, we will answer these questions. Read on!

What is an Expert Witness Legal Definition?

Many people in the legal community ask, “what is an expert witness legal definition?” According to the Federal Rule of Evidence 702, an expert witness is a qualified and licensed individual with specialized skill sets to analyze and prepare an expert testimony and present a professional opinion, helping the court understand the case’s factual evidence.

Who can be an expert witness?

The federal rules of evidence set rules and regulations about expert witnesses, depending on the case in a state or federal court. The Federal Rules of Evidence 702 states that an expert witness is a qualified person with knowledge, education, experience, training, and skills in a specialized field.

The U.S law requires the expert witness to prepare testimony on enough data and sufficient facts to help the judge and jury understand the case technicalities. Although non-expert witnesses can also testify about the court, expert witnesses present their professional opinions.

Their professional opinions allow the court to understand the case and make an informed decision. Examples of expert witnesses include forensic medicine specialists, vocational experts, medical experts, financial experts, etc.

Expert witnesses provide testimonies to the court and have a tremendous influence on the judge’s final decision. Who can be an expert witness? The Federal Rules of Evidence 702 states the following:


An expert witness must practice in a discipline or field relevant to the case. The witness must also have skills in a particular profession and possess specialized knowledge through education, training, and practical experience.

The expert knowledge is above the jury’s knowledge and expertise. Although the law does not require the expert witness to be the best in the discipline, it does need the expert to find relevant facts and prepare a solid testimony to help the court make a final decision.


The Federal Rule of Evidence 702 states that testimonies presented by expert witnesses before the court must contain sufficient data and information based on facts. Likewise, the testimony must be according to the accepted principles and methods commonly used in the discipline or field.

Besides, the court will consider the expert’s testimony if it contains unambiguous information and follows the rules and regulations. Expert witnesses must also follow the standard of practice in their field of expertise.


An expert witness can offer testimony on behalf of the victim and defendant. However, the testimony they present before the court must not be partial. An expert witness’s testimony is based on facts, meaning the professional must not worry about whether the court’s final decision favors the plaintiff or defendant.


Expert witnesses add value to the case and help the fact finder. The Federal Rules of Evidence states that expert testimony must provide a professional and reliable opinion to assist the court in reaching a conclusion. The witness can include scientific connections that pertain to the evidence.

The court won’t consider the expert opinion admissible or helpful if their assumptions are against the facts of the case. Therefore, an expert witness must provide reliable and practical information that is new to the judge or jury. That way, the court can ensure bridging all analytical gaps in the proceedings.

What is an example of an expert witness?

If you want to understand the role of an expert witness, especially in the medical field, let us give you an example. The plaintiff, Cody Rhodes, brought a medical negligence action against Dr. Max Goodwin, who failed to refer him for diagnosing prostate cancer promptly.

Mr. Rhodes hired several medical expert witnesses to establish that Dr. Goodwin breached the standard of care. Medical experts who testified included a pathologist, oncologist, and psychologist, to analyze the loss and grief, financial, and end-of-life costs.

The court found the expert witness testimony convincing and held that plaintiff, Mr. Rhodes, met the burden of proof, meaning Dr. Goodwin had breached the standard of care. Based on the expert witness testimony, the judge and jury awarded Mr. Rhodes about $4.5 million in damages.  

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In today’s post, we have specifically talked about who can be an expert witness. Contact us today if you need a professional and skilled expert witness for a medical malpractice case.  

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What Are Expert Witnesses?

An expert witness is a person with specialized knowledge, skills, and experience who testifies in court. The expert testimony is based on the individual’s beliefs about the happenings in a particular case.

Unlike other witnesses who testify about what they have heard, seen or felt, an expert witness concludes and gives his or her opinion as part of the expert testimony. The expert witnesses’ primary responsibility is to provide impartial, independent, and unbiased evidence to the tribunal or court.

The Role of an Expert Witness in Medical Court Proceedings

Expert witnesses are an essential part of medical malpractice cases, including personal injury lawsuits. Because such cases involve complex health information, a medical legal expert who testifies on your behalf can adequately answer complicated questions.

Likewise, the witness’s expert testimony usually includes information on medical procedures, diagnosis, treatment, and safety precautions. An experienced and qualified medical malpractice lawyer can help you find the right expert witness for your lawsuit.

If you have a medical malpractice case, you need to prove four things to validate your claim. These are an established doctor-patient relationship, the medical professional has breached the standard of care, you have undergone injuries, and the effects on your body was due to the doctor’s irresponsibility or lack of care.

Because it is not easy to prove these points, you need an expert witness to help you in the court proceedings. Similarly, the burden of proof is always on the plaintiff, meaning it is quite challenging to prove medical malpractice in court. That’s where a medical legal expert role’s come into play.

Medical cases require thorough technical explanations of complex medical or scientific information. Generally, these facts are too complicated for individuals other than medical professionals to understand. For example, if the jury can’t comprehend the information presented in court, they won’t determine the person responsible for malpractice.

Therefore, if you want to ensure the judge, jury, mediator, negotiator, and all other concerned parties agree with you, we recommend hiring a medical legal expert. The reason is that an expert witness has professional experience and knowledge relevant to your specific case.

How Does an Expert Witness Help?

The job of an expert witness in medical cases is twofold: to explain the responsibility of the doctor and to convince the jury that the health provider has not fulfilled that responsibility. Here is how an expert witness can help you in the legal proceedings.

·         Prove Standard of Care

An expert medical witness knows about the doctor’s duties and responsibilities. The witness understands how other health professionals would have approached a particular medical issue. Similarly, a witness has knowledge about the course of treatment applicable in a specific situation.

Keep in mind that an expert witness will answer any question in court. He or she will show how a competent doctor would have dealt with a similar medical situation. The purpose is to prove the malpractice of the alleged doctor so that the plaintiff gets compensation.

·         Show Breach of Care

Medical legal expert reviews your health records and other types of evidence. That way, he or she prepares a detailed expert testimony and thorough arguments. The purpose is to testify that your health provider deviated from the standard of care.

Moreover, the expert witness makes efforts to show the jury how the malpractice or negligence led to the injury. Because such explanations get tricky and complicated in the court proceedings, hiring an expert witness is a wise and informed decision.

With a medical legal expert, you will have expert testimony to improve the effectiveness of your claim. Furthermore, an expert witness has adequate knowledge to present the case information clearly to the jury.

How soon do you need an Expert Witness?

The defendants and plaintiffs need expert witnesses to disclose their testimony to the court before the proceedings start. If you fail to reveal the substance of your testimony before the deadline, the court will give a verdict in the other party’s favor before even the trial starts.

Some courts also require people to get medical expert testimony before they begin the lawsuit. Remember, the testimony often comes in the form of an affidavit or submitting facts to a panel of healthcare experts. That’s why it is critical to carry out things on time.

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Medical malpractice or personal injuries can impact your quality of life negatively. If you or your loved one are victims of medical negligence, contact Legal Medical Consulting in Dallas, TX. We can help you get the compensation you deserve.

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Types of Expert Witnesses

Who can be an expert witness, and what are the types of expert witnesses? In some cases, it is wise to hire an expert witness to explain an idea to the judge or jury by presenting expert testimony.

Some situations in the court require the establishment of critical facts, allowing the court to make an informed verdict. Expert witnesses establish these facts and help the court understand specific issues in a case. Read on!

Types of Expert Witnesses

The court attends a wide range of cases and requires different experts to offer testimonies. Experts testify in medical malpractice, child custody battles, adoption proceedings, personal injury claims, forensic medicine, criminal law, products liability, and financial cases. Different types of expert witnesses are:

  • Medical Experts
  • Engineering Experts
  • Vocational Experts
  • Forensic Experts
  • Securities Experts
  • Financial Experts
  • Mental Health Experts
  • Parenting Experts

What is an Expert Witness in the Medical Field?

There are different types of expert witnesses required by the court of law to establish facts and present testimonies before the judge and jury to make a final decision. The question is: what is an expert witness in the medical field?

Medical expert includes physicians, doctors, physical therapists, surgeons, radiologists, nurse practitioners, or other trained professionals. A medical expert witness is a qualified person with many years of experience in medical malpractice, negligence, and personal injury cases.

These experts enlighten the judge and jury about the plaintiff’s pain and suffering, additional invasive procedures required, and whether the patient will ever recover. Some medical expert witnesses also present their testimonies before the court in criminal cases.

For instance, forensic experts are medical experts who can shed light on the injuries sustained by the victim in a criminal assault. Likewise, a medical expert, such as a forensic pathologist, can testify in court and present evidence on the time and cause of death in a homicide case.

Who can be an Expert Witness?

A person with detailed knowledge in a given area does not make him or her an expert witness. According to the state and federal rules of evidence, an expert witness is a person who offers an opinion in a legal matter.

Bear in mind that not all types of issues in a case are proper for expert opinions. The law requires the resolution of disputes over facts through testimonies from witnesses with experience and knowledge.

The court of law calls upon the expert witness to testify about issues in which the judge, jury, and factfinders are confused and require clarification. For example, a medical expert witness simplifies the technical, scientific, or medical knowledge to the judge or jury and help them understand the evidence.

According to the Federal Rule of Evidence 702, an expert witness is a person with technical, scientific, and specialized knowledge to help the trier of fact understand the case, examine the evidence, and determine specific facts in the issue. The Federal Rule of Evidence states:

  • Expert testimony is based on reliable facts and sufficient information
  • The testimony follows principles and methods of a particular field
  • The testimony is relevant to the case and applies to the facts

Likewise, the court considers different factors when determining whether the person qualifies as an expert witness. These factors include:  

  • Education in a particular field or discipline with a degree in specialization
  • Training in the field or on a specific case or issue, such as forensics, medical, or finance, etc.
  • Experience in research, including peer-reviewed journal articles and books
  • Years of experience in the field and with specific issues (for example, elder abuse)
  • Testimonial experience with a good track record

Medical Expert Witness Case Example

Different type of expert witnesses in the medical field are medical malpractice, personal injury, workers’ compensation, toxic tort, criminal defense, addiction evaluation, sexual assault, elder abuse, and prisoner abuse. Here is an example of a medical malpractice case:

A 32 years old pregnant woman diagnosed with gestation diabetes entered into the labor stage at 34 weeks. The woman, “Sarah McGuire”, requested Cesarean Section (C-section) delivery. However, the nurse at the hospital ignored her request. During the delivery, the doctors found that the baby developed shoulder dystocia due to a subgaleal hemorrhage.

Sarah McGuire filed a lawsuit against the hospital to get compensation for the pain and suffering she has endured during pregnancy and after childbirth. She also wanted compensation for her baby’s suffering.

A medical expert witness reviewed Sarah’s risk profile, examined her case and prepared a testimony that showed that the gynecology nurse failed to follow the standard of care. The court rewarded Sarah a compensation of $5 million in damages.

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Legal Medical Consulting is a reputable firm with different types of expert witnesses who have years of experience helping people get the compensation they deserve in medical malpractice and related cases. Contact us today!

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The Role of a Medical Expert Witness in Legal Cases

Legal Medical Consulting is a firm that provides medical expert witness services. We aim to provide our clients with a high service level and earn them compensation for their injuries. Many healthcare professionals are unaware of complex laws, regulations, and policies that pertain to their medical practices.

Every doctor, at any time during his or her practice, comes across legal medical cases. However, many health professionals do not deal with such legal tangles due to the complexities involved in the cases.

A medical witness is a professional with many years of experience that presents expert medical testimony in court on behalf of a plaintiff or defendant. Through his or her medical expert testimony, the professional will prove to the court what a competent doctor would have acted in a particular situation.

The expert then gives an opinion on whether a health professional has breached the standard of care. In today’s article, we will talk about medical expert witnesses and the importance of a medical expert testimony. Read on!

What is a Medical Expert Witness?

Medical expert witnesses are doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other practitioners who have professional skills and experience, allowing them to testify on a medical case. Most lawyers seek help from expert witnesses in medical malpractice and personal injury lawsuits.

In medical negligence and personal injury cases, lawyers often call upon expert witnesses to provide expert medical testimony on various problems related to their experience. Such issues usually include the cause of injuries, breach of standards of care, and long-term effects of conditions on the patient.

Although Medical expert witnesses provide medical expert testimony, Legal Medical Consulting is a company that offers value at all stages of litigation. For example, our research, investigation, and detailed reports can help lawyers assess the merits of a case before filing a lawsuit.

We provide detailed analysis and expert medical testimony, which are essential in progressing your case in court. As a result, your case becomes clear, reliable, and compelling, causing a higher probability of winning or enabling the jury to give a verdict in your favor.

Qualities of Medical Expert Witnesses

Legal Medical Consulting has experienced, board-certified, and professional medical expert witnesses. Our professionals have extensive knowledge and skills to help you in court by presenting detailed expert medical testimony.

Our medical expert witnesses focus on practicing medicine and participate in legal procedures without compromising their credibility. Several factors set apart our medical expert witnesses from others.

Education and Training

Expert witnesses working at Legal Medical Consulting have completed education at top universities. Our company in Dallas, TX, has a thorough vetting process to screen individuals before working for us. Legal Medical Consulting believes in providing the best medical expert testimony services to its clients. That’s the reason why have employed board-certified professionals.


Legal Medical Consulting has expert witnesses who actively practice medicine in Dallas, TX. We aim to match your case with professionals with many years of experience in medical procedures, including diagnosis, treatments, and safety precautions, which are pertinent to your lawsuit.

For example, suppose your doctor had misdiagnosed your medical condition, which led to your suffering from adverse reactions. In that case, we will assign you an expert witness with skills and experience in diagnostics.

Similarly, we have medical expert witnesses to prove inappropriate laboratory results or misreading, unnecessary surgery, invasive errors or wrong-site surgery. Unlike other medical legal companies in Dallas, TX, Legal Medical Consulting has dedicated professionals for each medical malpractice lawsuit.

Expertise in Medical Legal Procedures

A medical expert witness has many years of experience in different medical fields, such as knowledge of standards of care and causation. The standard of care is a type of care that skilled and competent doctor, with a similar background, would have provided under the situations, leading to the alleged medical negligence. Here at Legal Medical Consulting, our experts have a track record of expert medical testimony, both in written and oral formats.

Communication Abilities

Attorneys and lawyers often call upon medical expert witnesses to present, explain, or clarify complex procedures to the jury. Because the jury does not understand complicated medical terminology, our expert witnesses will explain everything and make efforts to clarify things to them.

That way, the jury will understand what actually happened and what led to medical negligence. Thus, medical expert testimony can help the jurors make an accurate analysis, leading to a fair verdict.

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If you have been a victim of medical malpractice and need an expert witness during the court proceedings, you can contact Legal Medical Consulting. We have helped hundreds of people with medical cases in Dallas, TX, and we will ensure streamlining your medical expert witnesses through our expert medical testimony.

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Forensic Medicine – What It Is and Why It Is Important

Forensic medicine is a part of medical jurisprudence and deals with scientific medical knowledge to address the physiology, time, and cause of death. People who practice forensic medicine provides expert medical witness testimony. Our expert medical legal team assists attorneys in evaluating the liability of doctors and nurses in issues, including:

  • Consent of treatment
  • Pathological examinations
  • Medical intervention
  • Emergency treatment
  • Removal of organ and tissue
  • Legal procedures
  • Organ transplantation
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Unnecessary surgery
  • Scientific experiments
  • Sexual procedures
  • Detailed Reports

Our expert medical legal team also helps in court proceedings to answer questions regarding paternity, maternity, medical malpractice, murder, evidence collection, and the application of statutory law to medicine.

The Importance of Forensic Medicine

Practitioners of forensic medicine usually deal with offenses against an individual or patient. Our experts help in medical-legal investigations and offer support to attorneys. A practitioner also provides expert opinion to support legally authorized individuals, allowing them to understand the implications of pathological exams.

These include autopsies or postmortem of bodies, organs, tissues, and laboratory specimens. We offer expert opinions based on research and science to find the time and cause of death. Similarly, our medico-legal experts provide an interpretation of genetic tissue or DNA analysis. Legal Medical Consulting has many years of experience in streamlining criminal cases for our clients.

Our expert medical witness testimony prepared by our medico-legal professionals can help in criminal cases. We have a team of qualified coroners who provide the court or investigators with a knowledgeable opinion on injuries, wounds, poisoning, intoxication, infections, and appropriate handling of pathologic specimen.

Legal Medical Consulting also has an expert team of practitioners who work in psychiatric forensic medicine. We provide the investigators and court with expert opinions on mental health conditions, including diagnosis, treatment, and mental competency.

Besides, we help the court by providing expert medical witness testimony that focuses on competency to stand trial and answer questions regarding responsibility for actions. Our experts in forensic medicine use medical science, research, and other health-related protocols to inform the law. We make accurate analysis, opinions, and interpretation of health exams and testing.

Benefits of Forensic Expert Medical Witness Testimony

Many people contact Legal Medical Consulting to hire an autopsy expert or forensic medicine expert witness. We help build your case and ensure you do well in court. An autopsy is a detailed medical exam of a dead body to figure out the cause and time of death. The procedure is also carried out to evaluate diseases and injuries.

A medical case that hinges on health analysis and testimony usually requires a professional with forensic medicine expertise. Legal Medical Consulting has board-certified forensic medicine experts who can act on your behalf and present expert medical witness testimony before the jury.  

A pathologist is a physician who performs an autopsy. It is also known as the postmortem exam, necropsy, or obduction. Keep in mind that the procedure is performed for medical or legal purposes. The pathologist conducts a forensic autopsy if legal experts suspect the cause of death is due to delinquency.

The professional conducts a clinical autopsy to determine the cause of death. It is done for cases in which the cause of death is unknown. In some cases, the court requires conducting an external examination in others; a physician performs dissection of the body, known as the internal exam.

Why choose Legal Medical Consulting?

Legal Medical Consulting is a Dallas-based company that offers various medico-legal services, including expert medical witness testimony. Our company prescreens experts on different data points to ensure our witnesses deliver qualitative and authoritative testimony to streamline your legal matter.

Training and Experience

Legal Medical Consulting has medical expert witnesses who have earned education and training from top institutions. We hire board-certified experts only because every medical case – big or small – matters to us. Likewise, our experts practice medicine and have many years of experience with procedures and treatments in question in your legal case.

Highly Skilled Professionals

Our experts are familiar with all sorts of medico-legal procedures. They have extensive knowledge of standards of care, causation and can provide both oral and written expert medical witness testimony.

Excellent Communication Skills

Our forensic medicine experts can accurately demystify complicated medical procedures to the court and jury. Most often, the jurors are unaware of medical jargon. That’s where our Legal Medical Consulting Company plays a key role. We help jurors understand expert medical witness testimony through clear communication and beyond medical terminology.

Legal Medical Consulting connects you with highly qualified witnesses in Dallas, TX, and helps you prepare your lawsuit for favorable outcomes. Testimonies from highly skilled forensic medicine experts make a positive impact on your case and solidify the grounds of your claims. Contact us today!

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Expert Testimony – The Legal Definition

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), the expert testimony definition is the evidence provided by an expert witness to the court. Compared to other affidavits, expert testimony is based on the witness’s detailed opinions or information about specific facts. The information is presented clearly, concisely, and beyond the medical terminology to help jurors understand the case and make decisions.  

Expert witnesses present their testimonies in legal proceedings when the court o jury needs help assessing a material fact in a proceeding. Expert testimonies are typically proffered by one of the parties, such as the plaintiff or defendant. It is crucial to provide reliable evidence, which is relevant to the case and probative than prejudicial.

For example, expert medical legal testimony must be admissible to the court. The fact-finder will figure out how much weight to accord the expert medical legal testimony. Although most law systems appoint experts in the court, their opinions or testimony may not bind to the judge presiding the case.

Expert witnesses are a necessary resource in most medical malpractice litigation. However, people who are not aware of the litigation process may not recognize the value that an expert medical witness brings to the case. Let us delve into this subject. Read on!

Examples of Expert Medical Legal Testimony

Now that you have understood the expert testimony definition and its importance, it is time to give you an example to clarify things further.

Example 1:

A patient underwent a procedure that required the doctor to insert an intrauterine pressure catheter (IUPC). Although the procedure was declared successful, the patient experienced severe pain in her pelvic region.

She underwent an X-ray and ultrasound medical imaging procedure. The results revealed that the surgical team nurse had failed to remove a portion of the IUP. The case was about the negligence of the surgical team nurse. Thus, it required consulting a legal nurse witness to provide testimony on the standard of care for nurses who provide assistance in surgery.

A legal nurse witness is also known as a forensic nurse who engages in various applications of clinical knowledge to questions of law. A legal nurse provides expert medical-legal testimony by participating in client interviews to identify and organize medical records.

The nurse also assesses the case’s strengths and weaknesses and focuses on the plaintiff’s future medical needs. In this example, the legal nurse consultant provided expert medical legal testimony on the traumatic injury caused by a surgical team nurse’s negligence.

Example 2:

Medical expert testimony definition is quite clear: The evidence presented before the court to prove medical malpractice. For example, the doctor prescribed postmenopausal patients a supplement known as “Medroxyprogesterone.” The supplement is used to prevent overgrowth of the uterine line in female individuals.

The patient went to the pharmacy to buy the supplement. However, the pharmacist gave her a high dosage of the supplement called methotrexate. It is an immunosuppressive medication used to treat arthritis.

The pharmacy negligence caused the poisoning of methotrexate in the patient’s body, eventually leading to kidney damage. The patient required a kidney transplant. From this example, we understand that it is a Medication Error case that would require the expertise of a pharmacist witness.

The court found the expert testimony of the pharmacist convincing and held that the defendant (pharmacy) breached the standard of care. Based on the jury analysis of the expert testimony, the court awarded the patient (plaintiff) $1 million in damages. Other types of cases that require expert testimony in courts are:

  • Misdiagnosis
  • Failure to Diagnose
  • Delayed Diagnosis
  • Surgical Errors
  • Childbirth Errors
  • Anesthesia Errors
  • Medication Errors
  • Administrative Errors
  • Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Disability Claims
  • Toxic Tort
  • Sexual Assault
  • Elder Abuse
  • Addiction Evaluation
  • Prisoner Abuse
  • Cause of Death

How to choose a Reliable Medical Expert Witness?

When choosing a medical expert witness to testify in court, you must ask your attorney to look for an expert with many years of experience. For instance, if you need an expert to make a testimony in the court for your surgical error case, look for an expert with knowledge and skills in the surgical area.

Some cases require input from multiple practitioners. In this regard, you need to hire medical expert witnesses who can clearly articulate the treatment procedure to the jury. The expert you hire must not confuse or intimidate the judge or jury.

The expert testimony definition shows us that expert witnesses are professionals, skillful, and knowledgeable about various aspects of a medical lawsuit. However, when discussing your case with a medical expert witness, ask questions to measure whether the witness can solidify the grounds of your case.

Legal Medical Consulting in Dallas, TX, has experts who can break down medical terminology, avoid jargon, and simplify complex topics. Remember, your case’s success often hinges on expert medical legal testimony.

Having said that, our medical expert can clearly provide information on malpractice or negligence to the jury. In today’s post, we have given you an expert testimony definition and talked about the importance of expert testimony via examples. Contact us today!

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